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Our Embolden Name and Logo

Embolden, verb (em·bold·en)

to impart boldness or courage to; to instill with boldness, courage, or resolution enough to overcome timidity or misgiving.

When selecting a name for our firm, we wanted to represent what we do in a simple word or phrase. We embolden you to live your life with independence and confidence, and to have the courage to overcome the financial obstacles and life transitions that are thrown your way. Our team provides empowerment and support along every step of the way throughout your personal journey.

Our Logo

Our logo comes from Stephanie’s heritage. It is a Latvian symbol called “Austra’s tree”. This symbol represents the linking of the past, present, and future. It also is the guardian of the beautiful and valuable and represents luck, blessings, and success. When we added our logo colors to this symbol, it also looks like two letter “E”s mirroring one another. 

The Austra’s tree is also representative of our work with our clients in terms of financial planning. We focus on where you have been (past), where you are now (present), and where you want to be going in the future. We then focus on how to help you get there. 


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